Air Quality

Indoor air quality can be a major concern especially for sensitive individuals and people with asthma.  A comprehensive air quality test will alert you to possible allergens, toxic mold, chemical compounds, radon and other factors that can make your indoor air unhealthy.

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Testing for one type of compound such as mold starts at $195*


You can often find asbestos in many structures built before 1981.  The fibers from this building material can be hazardous when "friable" as the fibers can become airborne and cause air quality issues.  Special building "clearances" may be needed for any home improvement permits.

State of Michigan DEQ site regulations info

Michigan LARA - Asbestos Program info

Single Sample Testing Starts at $125*

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The Silent Killer

In this area of Michigan, it's very common to find high concentrations of this deadly radioactive gas that enters our homes from the earth.

General info from Michigan DEQ site

EPA Information

Testing: $145 or $95 with a home inspection

I use the Radstar RS 800 continuous radon sampling device for my radon testing.  This is one of the most sensitive and reliable devices on the market and is calibrated annually.  Tests take a minimum of 48 hours in "closed house" environments with an immediate report available after testing.


Mold is everywhere. 

Question is, "Do you have toxic mold"?

General info at:

Michigan Department of Community Health

Testing Starts at $75* per surface sample

Recommended mold and radon

mitigators in our area:

Michigan Better Environmental

S.W.A.T. Environmental

Analytical Testing and Consulting Services, Inc.

well water quality

Check your private well water with EPA approved lab testing. article about testing

Testing starts at $235* per sample

*Many of the testing pricing and services are offered through affiliated contractors and subject to change.


Lead Based paint

Any structure built prior to 1978 may have lead based paint present.  Typically this is not a great threat as it's usually encapsulated.  However, you have to obtain lead "clearances" and take special precautions before renovation projects, preparing for painting and other building activities.  If lead paint is disturbed it can be a serious health concern to everyone especially children. 

Great info from the EPA

Michigan Laws, Regulation and Guidance

Whole House Testing Starts at $500*

Meth Labs

The presence or previous history of a methamphetamine lab is a serious issue and must be disclosed as well as properly cleaned and tested. 

Department Of Justice Meth Lab Site List

Realtor Field Guide to Meth Labs

Testing ranges from $850 - $1,500*



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